Something to say


I always have something to say. I have days when talking is completely foreign and I go by on a maximum of five words,but best believe I always have something to say.
I prefer to speak of things that interest me,people that fascinate me and food that makes me tingle in parculiar places.
So I write. What a perfect extention of mental expression,and an intellectual art. In a era of short hand and social media,we have become disturbingly lazy when it comes to written communication. We destroy the English language on a daily and barely care to learn how to read or write other languages. We are very quick to remind others of our African heritage,but dare to construct a Zulu phrase?
So I decide to culture my mind and put in the time to say what I have to say intelligently.
I was hoping the blog ‘fad’ would blow over before are participated,but I can no longer put off the inevitable.
So here,I am about to say a whole lot 😉