Food see? 



So,after eating myself into a serious case of indigestion, I still feel the need to share this great discovery. A photographer friend of mine,on his move to Johannesburg posted a picture of a burger on IG. Given, his photographic skills shape some bias, but it would be a sin not to try what I saw. This is how I came to know one of the best burger spots in Joburg! RocoMamas!!!!! You are given the option of constructing a burger with fresh, delectable ingredients or enjoy one of the standard options. Either way, you will rarely leave unsatisfied. If gluttony is in motions,the ribs are a great choice. The wings are perfect for sharing. If you do share, you lessen the risk of looking pretty silly by your lonesome, because truly, who has found a dignified way to eating chicken wings??!! Try it! Fourways and Randburg area.


Insta Despair

Lose a few hundred followers on Instagram today? Sad isn’t it? Not the followers (spam accounts,just so we are clear) that you lost,but that it actually matters.
Dozens of posts popped up tossing humor at the sudden,but necessary clean up on Instagram. It did for good laughs,but got me thinking;
Is this how we value ourselves? We thrive on social media status,while we fail dismally to do anything tangible in reality.
Its a simple process really. Find your wifi spots,ration purchased data and occasionally post something controversial,done. Instant gratification! Sometimes the beginning of a decline of your inclination to get up and do something everyday.
Listen,we can’t ignore that social media is used by business’ and brands,and creates generous revenue. But,how many of use are brand strategists? Who post with true intent?
I send my heart felt regards to those affected by the wipe! I hope we come to find valuable things to value ourselves by…


Something to say


    I always have something to say. I have days when talking is completely foreign and I go by on a maximum of five words,but best believe I always have something to say.
    I prefer to speak of things that interest me,people that fascinate me and food that makes me tingle in parculiar places.
    So I write. What a perfect extention of mental expression,and an intellectual art. In a era of short hand and social media,we have become disturbingly lazy when it comes to written communication. We destroy the English language on a daily and barely care to learn how to read or write other languages. We are very quick to remind others of our African heritage,but dare to construct a Zulu phrase?
    So I decide to culture my mind and put in the time to say what I have to say intelligently.
    I was hoping the blog ‘fad’ would blow over before are participated,but I can no longer put off the inevitable.
    So here,I am about to say a whole lot đŸ˜‰