Bohang Moeko – Asaman 

Asaman meets with 27 year old Bohang Moeko. An actor, model and qualified quantity surveyor. Here is what he had to share…


The name Bohang means ‘admire’. What qualities are most admirable to you in the modern man?

Ambition, responsibility and consideration for others. 

Living in different cities in South Africa, have you found that different environments influence certain behaviors and how so?

Yes they do because, people from different backgrounds have different beliefs and sometimes a different way of life. You learn a lot from living in different places and being surrounded by people and places you are not used to. It makes you open minded I think. That’s also why I love traveling. I’d like to travel the world and meet people with different cultures and lifestyles. 

Why acting? 

I love telling stories. I love the idea of being able to be part of a story and take people on an emotional journey. 

If given the opportunity would you consider returning to the field of quantity surveying? 

No. I did it long enough to know its not what makes me happy so I would not go back. 

Which men most influenced you growing up and how? 

My dad. He taught and showed us the value of hard work, the importance of education, and how to be mentally strong. He taught us how to be your own person, to have a backbone, and stand up for yourself. Also how to provide for my family. 

Do you wish to be a father someday and if so, what is the one thing you would like your children to know? 

Yes, I love children. The one thing I will definitely teach them is to always believe in themselves and thier dreams, and to know that they can achieve anything they want in life. 

Kindly tell us a few things about you, that interest you etc, that people would not ordinarily be aware of?

I like traveling, fashion and I love animals. I like anything that can make me laugh. 

What is your biggest fear in regards to your adequacy as a man as you continue to grow and learn?  

I think my biggest fear in all regards is fear itself. I hate being afraid to do or try something. And so as I grow I’m learning to attack my fear and force myself outside my comfort zone, because I believe that is where one really grows. 

It is difficult to explain how I came to know Bohang as more than an acquaintance. Our meeting was based on simple humor shared on social media. Funny the tangible relationships that can form in that space. What I do admire about Bohang (see what I did there) is how hard he is working at honing his craft, in an industry that is more concerned about ‘celebrity’ than it is about art. 

‘When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you will be successful’ 

Photography by Aaron & Hur 

Author: Mathunzi Macdonald

South African born Creative, writer. performing artist and educator. More about me on

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