Asaman, Daddy Mohlala 

I met Daddy back in primary school in Witbank, Mpumalanga. I don’t recall much exchange in terms of interests or prospects. We were school mates and that was pretty much it. I did, however,  have a disturbing dream about Daddy that helped form a strong distaste for the school park. (Details will remain withheld) 

In later years, I came to know Daddy as a photographer and web designer amongst other things. I wont get too much into that in this particular post, however, that meeting speaks to how I became involved in a project, known as the Asaman campaign, that was conceptualized by Daddy Mohlala. 

‘As a man’ #Asaman is the abbreviated tag line for a newly developed campaign for South African men. The full title reads; ‘As a man thinketh so is he’. This suggests, as the original text would, that a man’s mental conditioning influences his chatacter and choices. The campaign was founded and is run by Aaron n’ Hur, the digital media company Daddy co-founded and works for. 

I had a conversation with Daddy in an attempt to better understand the ‘As a Man’ campaign concept and brand. 

What were your career prospects 5 years ago this time? 

I was caught between going into ministry  or becoming an entrepreneur.  I eventually left the church I was in because I felt I could never be an entrepreneur whilst everyone around me wished for me to be a pastor. 

Is photography a reflection of your personality and if so how? 

I cannot comment on photography being a reflection of my personality because I dont wish to be a ‘photographer’ per say. Photography is simply a service I offer in my business. 

Tell me about As a Man 

As a Man is a campaign hosted by Aaron & Hur, which features men who wish to engage and share in good value systems, success, and support mediums. Men who lead the kind of lives that will inspire younger men and boys to join them in the ranks of manhood. 

What do you aim to achieve with the As a Man campaign? 

I feel that this is an extraordinary time for the human race. 

There is a generation of God fearing young men & boys who are rising to the ranks of manhood. Some come from single parent homes. Some have been forced into adulthood by horrible experiences which also force them to take on the mantle. Others have graduated from Universities and colleges and are well on their way to becoming the men they wish to be. As a man was established as a means for all good men to start showing up. 

We just want a platform where men can connect more openly with other men, offering and receiving support,eventually creating a strong community of like minded men. 

Which men have been influencial in what forms your values and ideas?

My father,grandfather and pastors. 

Do you wish to be a father some day and what would that mean to you?

Definitely! I believe that being a father starts with the decisions I make way before a child is born. The most important decision for me is finding his/her mother,and marrying her. I have always been grateful to my dad for the type of woman he chose to mother me. 

Who would you like to see taking part in the Asaman campaign? 

Manhood is about being present not perfect. We are the ones we have been waiting for,we are the change we seek. We are seeking ordinary men who are willing to share their lives and life experiences with the world, for a better cause. 

What campaigns,projects,events etc will Asaman extend to in the future?

In a very digital age, I am still a fan of print. Im an avid collector of magazines. It is something we have wanted to do as a company for a while now, so print media is something we hope will materilize in the near future. We would like to host events and seminars where the men we have featured in the campaign can share and interact with those who have been impacted by the campaign. We will also venture into social development and support initiatives. 

What other services does Aaron & Hur offer? 

Aaron & Hur blends creativity and intergrated communication strategies, to create, enhance and reposition start up brands.

Our services include: 

• Graphic Design • Responsive website development • Photography • Branding

I personally took an interest in the campaign when it was introduced to me through my husband’s involvement. Yes, I am a woman. But, I do believe I, and many women like me, will benefit from a society (of men) influenced by positive ideals. Using photography as a medium for this campaign also excites me, because of my affiliation and passion with and for the Arts. 

With time, I may also take to bed some pressing questions I have had about men for the longest time. 

My involvement is that of a coordinator (campaign media material & events) and consultant. I also assist with social media and will be handling the features and write ups for this campaign till further notice. 

Behind every men’s campaign is a female friend with set skills and a bit of time on her hands. 

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Photography: Aaron & Hur 



Captured Style 

Designer Gugulethu Nhlengethwa of Captured Style – Bridal custom couture

Model: Mathunzi

Photography: Aaron & Hur 



Food see? 



So,after eating myself into a serious case of indigestion, I still feel the need to share this great discovery. A photographer friend of mine,on his move to Johannesburg posted a picture of a burger on IG. Given, his photographic skills shape some bias, but it would be a sin not to try what I saw. This is how I came to know one of the best burger spots in Joburg! RocoMamas!!!!! You are given the option of constructing a burger with fresh, delectable ingredients or enjoy one of the standard options. Either way, you will rarely leave unsatisfied. If gluttony is in motions,the ribs are a great choice. The wings are perfect for sharing. If you do share, you lessen the risk of looking pretty silly by your lonesome, because truly, who has found a dignified way to eating chicken wings??!! Try it! Fourways and Randburg area.

Insta Despair

Lose a few hundred followers on Instagram today? Sad isn’t it? Not the followers (spam accounts,just so we are clear) that you lost,but that it actually matters.
Dozens of posts popped up tossing humor at the sudden,but necessary clean up on Instagram. It did for good laughs,but got me thinking;
Is this how we value ourselves? We thrive on social media status,while we fail dismally to do anything tangible in reality.
Its a simple process really. Find your wifi spots,ration purchased data and occasionally post something controversial,done. Instant gratification! Sometimes the beginning of a decline of your inclination to get up and do something everyday.
Listen,we can’t ignore that social media is used by business’ and brands,and creates generous revenue. But,how many of use are brand strategists? Who post with true intent?
I send my heart felt regards to those affected by the wipe! I hope we come to find valuable things to value ourselves by…


Something to say


    I always have something to say. I have days when talking is completely foreign and I go by on a maximum of five words,but best believe I always have something to say.
    I prefer to speak of things that interest me,people that fascinate me and food that makes me tingle in parculiar places.
    So I write. What a perfect extention of mental expression,and an intellectual art. In a era of short hand and social media,we have become disturbingly lazy when it comes to written communication. We destroy the English language on a daily and barely care to learn how to read or write other languages. We are very quick to remind others of our African heritage,but dare to construct a Zulu phrase?
    So I decide to culture my mind and put in the time to say what I have to say intelligently.
    I was hoping the blog ‘fad’ would blow over before are participated,but I can no longer put off the inevitable.
    So here,I am about to say a whole lot 😉