Ndumiso Hadebe – Asaman 

24 year old Ndumiso Hadebe is a Business speaker, Mentor and Economist. Asaman sits down with him.   

What would you say makes and keeps you happy? 

What makes and keeps me happy is first the love and fellowship I have with my Creator. I derive a lot of pleasure from my relationship with Him. I also love and enjoy being and seeing people happy, I have a heart for people and so I have  gratification when people around me are happy. 

Tell us a bit about what you do in your professional capacity 

I work as a researcher in the enterprise development sector, so I do a lot of work in relation to the development of smaller business and their contribution in local economies. 

I also work as a consultant and speaker through a new consulting business I have recently started, Master Frontiers Advisory. I work with clients in government, banking and civil society sectors in providing them insights on frontier and emerging economies and how they can navigate the work they do in these changing times with a bias towards our young population.  

Are you fulfilled in regards to what you do on a daily basis or is there something else that you would like to explore? 
I am one person who has always been deliberate about pursuing purpose and doing what I love. 

I believe in the story of a rising Africa and the economic potential that it can unlock. I believe it is my duty to tell this story far and wide. My life both inside and outside of my work reflects the same theme.

So I am fulfilled by the work that I do on a daily basis, I would not be doing anything else at this point.

What is your honest opinion on the general moral state of young men today and do you feel it can be made better? 

I think that we live in a world that is changing so quickly, from a young age we have access to all sorts of information and influences. 

To a point where we are essentially forced to grow up quicker than previous generations and of course this had an influence on the moral state of young men. We are prone to being gullible to material things, seek instant gratification and a loss of a sense of self and self knowing. 

I once came a across a quote saying :” All of these selfies but is there self knowledge?” . So I guess as young men, in the midst of change, it is important that we do not loose sight of who we are and a destined to be become.

Where did you grow up and who raised you? What are the important lessons you received growing up?  

I was born and in my formative years raised in Sebokeng, a township in the Vaal area, south of Johannesburg. 

I was raised by a Mbokodo, a loving, strong and powerful woman who raised 3 boys (my brothers and I ) and taught us about the love of God and invested in our education as a tool to give us and to create a better life for ourselves and our people. 

So the important lessons I learned and received growing up were exactly that, the knowledge of the love God has for us as His children and the value of education in the development of people and living out the fullness of life.

Do you feel fathers today are stepping up to what you feel their role should be? 

Well, the reality is that many of us have been raised by single mothers. On One Day Leader , a youth leadership programme on SABC 1, we all were raised by single mothers. 

This speaks to the fact that we need more father figure role models. Perhaps some of our young men have no knowledge of what manhood is about or themselves because there aren’t enough men to model. With that being said, there are a number of other men who are stepping up and mentoring young men. I am a product of such a father figure relationship.

Would you like to be a father, and what would you impart to your children? 

Haha I do look forward to being a father one day. My hope is to impart one lesson to them, a love and respect for God, themselves and their fellow man. Everything else will fall in to place.

What else do you enjoy doing outside of work? 

I love music! In my next life, I would want to be a musician, but a vocalist particularly. I enjoy reading and running as well. That is where I feed my creative space. 

You mentioned that you are not a ‘fan’ of titles, could you share why not? 

I believe in the perspective of leading without a title, because we are human and fall short at times, it is easy to be consumed by titles that we hold. But what I have come to learn, particularly after winning One Day Leader and being a Future Leaders mentor is that titles say very little about how well our lives are lead.

There are a lot of people who are doing amazing work around the world but they doing it from confines of a township, rural area with limited resources. So my view is that if we all were to share this perspective, we would make a huge difference in the lives of people and not think because I have a specific title, “I have arrived” . Our body of work is never complete. 

I was impressed with Ndumiso when we first met, but more so now and here is why. Nothing is put on. You can almost literally see the passion in his eyes. Yet he walks with such humility. His cheerful heart beams through his young face, and leaves behind an ora of goodness. 

At 24 many are yet to discover their purpose. He may still have a while to go, but it is refreshing to see a man of his age so passionate and driven with an actual cause. 

 ‘There is a difference between being a male and a man. Being a male is biological but manhood is about character’ 

Photography by Aaron & Hur  

Bohang Moeko – Asaman 

Asaman meets with 27 year old Bohang Moeko. An actor, model and qualified quantity surveyor. Here is what he had to share…


The name Bohang means ‘admire’. What qualities are most admirable to you in the modern man?

Ambition, responsibility and consideration for others. 

Living in different cities in South Africa, have you found that different environments influence certain behaviors and how so?

Yes they do because, people from different backgrounds have different beliefs and sometimes a different way of life. You learn a lot from living in different places and being surrounded by people and places you are not used to. It makes you open minded I think. That’s also why I love traveling. I’d like to travel the world and meet people with different cultures and lifestyles. 

Why acting? 

I love telling stories. I love the idea of being able to be part of a story and take people on an emotional journey. 

If given the opportunity would you consider returning to the field of quantity surveying? 

No. I did it long enough to know its not what makes me happy so I would not go back. 

Which men most influenced you growing up and how? 

My dad. He taught and showed us the value of hard work, the importance of education, and how to be mentally strong. He taught us how to be your own person, to have a backbone, and stand up for yourself. Also how to provide for my family. 

Do you wish to be a father someday and if so, what is the one thing you would like your children to know? 

Yes, I love children. The one thing I will definitely teach them is to always believe in themselves and thier dreams, and to know that they can achieve anything they want in life. 

Kindly tell us a few things about you, that interest you etc, that people would not ordinarily be aware of?

I like traveling, fashion and I love animals. I like anything that can make me laugh. 

What is your biggest fear in regards to your adequacy as a man as you continue to grow and learn?  

I think my biggest fear in all regards is fear itself. I hate being afraid to do or try something. And so as I grow I’m learning to attack my fear and force myself outside my comfort zone, because I believe that is where one really grows. 

It is difficult to explain how I came to know Bohang as more than an acquaintance. Our meeting was based on simple humor shared on social media. Funny the tangible relationships that can form in that space. What I do admire about Bohang (see what I did there) is how hard he is working at honing his craft, in an industry that is more concerned about ‘celebrity’ than it is about art. 

‘When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you will be successful’ 

Photography by Aaron & Hur 

Asaman, Daddy Mohlala 

I met Daddy back in primary school in Witbank, Mpumalanga. I don’t recall much exchange in terms of interests or prospects. We were school mates and that was pretty much it. I did, however,  have a disturbing dream about Daddy that helped form a strong distaste for the school park. (Details will remain withheld) 

In later years, I came to know Daddy as a photographer and web designer amongst other things. I wont get too much into that in this particular post, however, that meeting speaks to how I became involved in a project, known as the Asaman campaign, that was conceptualized by Daddy Mohlala. 

‘As a man’ #Asaman is the abbreviated tag line for a newly developed campaign for South African men. The full title reads; ‘As a man thinketh so is he’. This suggests, as the original text would, that a man’s mental conditioning influences his chatacter and choices. The campaign was founded and is run by Aaron n’ Hur, the digital media company Daddy co-founded and works for. 

I had a conversation with Daddy in an attempt to better understand the ‘As a Man’ campaign concept and brand. 

What were your career prospects 5 years ago this time? 

I was caught between going into ministry  or becoming an entrepreneur.  I eventually left the church I was in because I felt I could never be an entrepreneur whilst everyone around me wished for me to be a pastor. 

Is photography a reflection of your personality and if so how? 

I cannot comment on photography being a reflection of my personality because I dont wish to be a ‘photographer’ per say. Photography is simply a service I offer in my business. 

Tell me about As a Man 

As a Man is a campaign hosted by Aaron & Hur, which features men who wish to engage and share in good value systems, success, and support mediums. Men who lead the kind of lives that will inspire younger men and boys to join them in the ranks of manhood. 

What do you aim to achieve with the As a Man campaign? 

I feel that this is an extraordinary time for the human race. 

There is a generation of God fearing young men & boys who are rising to the ranks of manhood. Some come from single parent homes. Some have been forced into adulthood by horrible experiences which also force them to take on the mantle. Others have graduated from Universities and colleges and are well on their way to becoming the men they wish to be. As a man was established as a means for all good men to start showing up. 

We just want a platform where men can connect more openly with other men, offering and receiving support,eventually creating a strong community of like minded men. 

Which men have been influencial in what forms your values and ideas?

My father,grandfather and pastors. 

Do you wish to be a father some day and what would that mean to you?

Definitely! I believe that being a father starts with the decisions I make way before a child is born. The most important decision for me is finding his/her mother,and marrying her. I have always been grateful to my dad for the type of woman he chose to mother me. 

Who would you like to see taking part in the Asaman campaign? 

Manhood is about being present not perfect. We are the ones we have been waiting for,we are the change we seek. We are seeking ordinary men who are willing to share their lives and life experiences with the world, for a better cause. 

What campaigns,projects,events etc will Asaman extend to in the future?

In a very digital age, I am still a fan of print. Im an avid collector of magazines. It is something we have wanted to do as a company for a while now, so print media is something we hope will materilize in the near future. We would like to host events and seminars where the men we have featured in the campaign can share and interact with those who have been impacted by the campaign. We will also venture into social development and support initiatives. 

What other services does Aaron & Hur offer? 

Aaron & Hur blends creativity and intergrated communication strategies, to create, enhance and reposition start up brands.

Our services include: 

• Graphic Design • Responsive website development • Photography • Branding

I personally took an interest in the campaign when it was introduced to me through my husband’s involvement. Yes, I am a woman. But, I do believe I, and many women like me, will benefit from a society (of men) influenced by positive ideals. Using photography as a medium for this campaign also excites me, because of my affiliation and passion with and for the Arts. 

With time, I may also take to bed some pressing questions I have had about men for the longest time. 

My involvement is that of a coordinator (campaign media material & events) and consultant. I also assist with social media and will be handling the features and write ups for this campaign till further notice. 

Behind every men’s campaign is a female friend with set skills and a bit of time on her hands. 

Facebook: Asaman 

Instagram: _asaman 


Or email:  aaronnhur@gmail.com

Website: aaron-hur.co.za 

Photography: Aaron & Hur